Dan is the leader of the Bakugan Battle Brawlers. He is impetuous and tends to rush into things, but makes up for this with a strong sense of justice. He loves battling with his longtime Pyrus partner Dragonoid. Dans family recently moved to a new city.


Marucho has a brilliant strategic mind. Family resources allow Marucho to create innovations to help the Bakugan Battle Brawlers. He is the co-creator of the exciting Bakugan Interspace which allows kids to battle freely. An Aquos Battler, Marucho gets along very well with Akwimos.


Even though Julie can be a scatterbrain, she competes along with the best Bakugan Brawlers. She is a Subterra Battler. Julie tends to act happy and is a bubbly extrovert.


Shun is a stoic battler who uses ninja attacking maneuvers, he is a master of Bakugan Battle Brawling. Upon hearing that there are Bakugan battles going on, he joins Marucho and moves to Dan's new city. Shun attends the same school as Dan. A Ventus Battler, he has absolute trust in Hawktor.


The Emperor and Gill recruited Airzel to be a warrior. He lurks in the shadows, protecting Barodius who chose him personally to be part of the 'Twelve Orders'. Airzel is a leading expert in enemy surveillance and information analysis. A Ventus Battler, Airzel became the #1 trainer on the Special Bakugan Team. He partners with Strikeflier.


He was born into the family that has ruled Gundalia for generations. A Darkus battler, he is the leader of the evil 'Twelve Orders' which reigns over Gundalia and seeks to conquer Neathia. Barodius has been able to rule Gundalia, because of his overwhelming strength and special ability to execute battles simultaneously. He wants the secret DNA code from the Bakugan that possess it, to create the most powerful Bakugan in all the universe. His longtime childhood friend and most trusted confidant is Gill. Barodius battles with Dharak.


Fabia is sister to the ruling Queen of Neathia. Brave and valiant, she goes to Earth to find comrades to help fight along side the Neathians. Fabia is a very astute Haos battler. Teaming up with Aranaut, she is ready to battle to save Neathia.


Gill is a calm, cool warrior who pledges loyalty to the Emperor. He has no parents and was brought up by the Emperor, whom he looks up to like an older brother. If ordered by Barodius, he will go to battle like a good soldier regardless of right or wrong. A Pyrus Battler, Gill trained the Special Bakugan Team that is in charge of protecting the Emperor. Krakix and Gill team up during battle.


A sly, cold-hearted female battler who is always by the Emperor Barodius's side. She works as the Director of the Bakugan Biological Research Center. There are rumors she is secretly undergoing cruel living-body experiments to heighten the Bakugans' abilities. Her goal is to develop abilities that will rival those of Neathia. She is an exceptional scientist who has unraveled the mysteries of Bakugan evolution. A Haos Battler, Kazarina partners with Lumagrowl.


A Subterra Battler and a scholarly and wise intellectual. Although he's the oldest of the 'Twelve Orders', he has the most physical energy. The Emperor trusts Nurzak and he has many followers. He is the #1 officer of the 'Twelve Orders' and is very good at analyzing the opponent, planning strategy and evaluating the situation. His chosen Bakugan is Basilisk.


Ren is the leader of secret agent group sent by Emperor Barodius to infiltrate Earth to find the DNA code. He is an alien disguised as a human sent to Earth to find the best brawlers and help defeat Neathia. Ren comes from the underground world of Gundalia, where he was kept, unknowingly, by the Emperor's family, because he possesses a dark Bakugan with a very powerful ability. He is an exceptional Darkus Battler. Ren teams up with Linehalt to do battle.


He has a split personality: one of an angel, the other the devil. When he's an angel he is fun to be around, but when he is in devil mode, he is frighteningly cruel and no one can stop him. An Aquos Battler, Stoica has lots of trick moves during battle and opponents have a hard time reading him. He has saved Gundalia many times with his ingenious battling abilities. The youngest of the 'Twelve Orders', he partners with Lythirus.


Jake is a new friend of Dan who made friends with him when he came to his new town. He has a powerful presence, because he is big for his age. He is very calm, but can get overly excited and obsessive. Jake is a Subterra Battler and partners with Coredem.