Bakulog Update!

Good day Brawlers! The Bakulog has been updated on the website and the Bakugan Fan Hub mobile app. We added new Bakugan from Armored Alliance! Be sure to check it out to discover all the coolest new Bakugan! And let us know who your favorites are on social media. Note that the app filters have also been revamped. We hope you like how they're reorganized!

That's not all! Our website also has a brand new page called Rules & Glossary. Jump into a Bakugan Brawl with the basic Toy Battling Game, or take your strategy to the next level with a Bakugan Trading Card Game battle! Find your favorite way to play!

But wait! We have even MORE updates coming soon. Not all of the Armored Alliance Bakugan are there - yet! Stay tuned for more. BAKUGAN BRAWL!

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Coming to Nintendo Switch November 2020

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